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Solid 9ct gold opal ring

Solid 9ct gold opal ring

$175.00 AUD

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Opal, the birthstone of October, is one of the most unusual and ethereal gems with stunning fire and flashes of colour when the light hits it. This ring is handcrafted from recycled 9ct gold and a beautiful 4mm natural solid white opal cabochon. Each opal is unique and will have its own individual colour flashes.


4mm opal

Ring band width: 1mm (round profile)


9ct recycled gold and natural solid white opal


While it is one of the more delicate gemstones, Opals can be worn day-to-day without any problems. Opal is attacked by some acids and caustic alkaline solutions, so it is advised to remove your opal jewellery when using cleaning products.

Opal is generally stable, but high heat or sudden temperature changes can cause opal to fracture. This includes on airplanes - we strongly advise that you do not check your opal jewellery into hold luggage as the extreme cold may cause it to crack.