About us

Magpiette is a celebration of craftsmanship, creativity and independence. We mindfully create unique and bespoke fine jewellery with meaning, to wear every day, for all days. In addition, we introduce our customers to the best independent jewellery designers across Australia and beyond through our thoughtfully curated collections.  

We mindfully create beautiful jewellery with meaning

We create pieces to celebrate the beauty of life, moments and relationships, such as the birth of a child, an important work milestone, or a life-changing decision. We create wearable reminders, talismans, embodiments, even armour. Jewellery is precious, but not because of the precious metals or rare gemstones it is made from, but for the precious meaning it holds for us that transcends its materials. 

We feel privileged to work 1:1 with customers on bespoke pieces created especially for them or someone they love. Our bespoke approach is very relaxed - we start by understanding the meaning behind the piece and the design elements our customer wants, then we bring our design expertise to suggest how we might bring it to life. We love discussing stone and design options, and do everything from stone sourcing and selection, through to hand-drawn and computer-aided design, through to the actual making of the piece. 

Our jewellery is designed to last beyond your lifetime, acknowledging that the meaning imbued within a piece may shift as it journeys through life with you and others. That your jewellery will have a story that continues to unfold.

100% CRAFT

Magpiette is a celebration of craftsmanship - every piece is handmade by real people who are artists. No mass-produced jewellery, only the highest quality materials and artistry.

Our own jewellery, designed and made by us, is solid gold, starting from 9ct. We choose to work solely in gold because we are committed to using only the finest materials in our own collection - gold is hard-wearing, resistant to tarnishing, and holds its value. 

All the jewellery across our store is, at a minimum, precious sterling silver. All our gold-plated or gold-filled jewellery uses sterling silver as a base, which means that if the gold plate starts to wear away after a lot of use, the silver underneath will never turn your skin green or cause a nasty reaction. 


We are obsessed with jewellery design that is contemporary, modern and unique. Our own design style is minimal, delicate, chic and a refined, modern-take on classic shapes. 

We’ve also searched high and low to find unusual designs that you won’t find on the high street. We currently stock work from sixteen different designers, and will continue to seek out the best of jewellery design.


We carefully shape our curated jewellery collections around a style type, such as minimalist, geometric, or organic jewellery, making it easy for you to find your perfect piece, without scrolling through countless pages.

From humble beginnings...

Magpiette was founded and launched in 2019 in Sydney by Spring Leahy, a creative with a love for unusual, beautiful jewellery designs and an eye for anything shiny. Spring learned to silversmith back in 2012 and quickly fell in love with the process of piercing, shaping and soldering metal to create something special.

Spring started Magpiette to make it easier for people to find and buy from independent jewellery designers across Australia, and introduce some amazing designers from overseas. 

In the midst of the pandemic in 2020, Magpiette launched its Ring Carving Kit, to enable customers to make their own silver rings from their homes during lockdown. Magpiette has also run several in-person Ring Carving workshops once face-to-face events were back - and has facilitated hundreds of people in getting creative and making their own silver rings over this time.

From there, Magpiette has evolved, recently launching our own debut collection, ‘Presence’, as well as focusing more on our own one-of-a-kind fine jewellery designs and bespoke pieces.